Is Viper Calling Card better than TALK HOME?

20 Apr

The new competitor to TALK HOME phone card is Viper Calling Card from Lycatel. For a number of years the TALK HOME card has been very popular in the UK Calling Card market. Now Viper is positioned as offering more minutes to destinations across Africa, Middle East and Asia. Viper has been especially good to call Ghana and offers premium quality connections and more minutes on single usage.

Which access number to use on Viper calling card will depend on your preference and cost savings you may actually be able to make your Viper phone card last longer and make slightly cheaper international calls by finding out the best access number which is usually the local access starting 01, 02 or 03

Viper Phone card come with various access numbers and a pin number. To make a call you dial the access number  then wait for the voice message to say please enter your pin number now, type in your pin number, this is normally 11 digits. Then a voice message will say please enter your destination number.  All you have to do is enter your International destination number also keep in mind before connection the Viper card will announce how many minutes you could possibly get (Please keep in mind like the TALK HOME phone card this will be unusually high, but if you time it with a clock you can clearly tell the difference that using Viper will give you atleast 20% more minutes)

To summarise, we can clearly tell you as per feedback that more and more customers are trying the new Viper phone card to see the difference. We are here to offer you both cards, you to choose the best.


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