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How to use GT Mobile TOP UP Voucher

25 Sep

GT Mobile is the latest Mobile virtual network operator in the UK, the service is operated by Lycatel and offers unmatched prices to call your destination. Just ask customer support and request your free GT Mobile SIM. Just insert the SIM to any unlocked mobile phone and switch it on – thats it simple as that. You can now buy a GT Mobile TOP UP Voucher online and upon payment you receive your Voucher Code instantly to your account.

There are 2 ways to TOP UP your GT Mobile:

1. Dial *131*PIN# and press the call button (or)

2. Dial 321 or 92# and follow the voice instructions.

Now if you are abroad, do not worry: just dial +447973101321 and follow the voice instructions.

Once you have credited up your GT Mobile you can confirm the balance by dialing 321 from your handset.

We provide an easy to use TOP UP service available 24/7/365 backed with an always on customer support team to help you. We are the GT Mobile TOP UP Voucher Service provider you can trust. Save money with our unbeatable offers with a price match guarantee to give you the lowest price on your calling needs.


Is Talkhome the best calling card to call Africa?

19 Sep

Most of our customers ask us question – Is Talkhome the best card to use to call Africa. Well the answer we feel based on feedback from many users is that Talkhome is good if you are making long calls of single usage. If you do make a number of short duration calls there are definitely other options to call Africa using Calling Cards. Keep in mind that Talkhome also applies daily maintenance and connection charges that may hinder your usage across more than one day.

So naturally the question arises, why does Talkhome sell as much to be the best selling calling card in the UK? The answer is the brand name – what the card has managed to do is over the past 10 years built a strong recognition of its brand, so many customers still think that this is the best option to call. Well as per our recent tests we can conclude that Chatterbox calling card performs up to 30% better and gives more minutes to virtually all destinations.

So there you have it – our opinions are fair and balanced and its upto our customers to make the smart choice to call Africa. Happy calling…