Calling cards are still the best deal to call abroad

6 Aug

You can use a calling card to Talk Home at anytime. But it is pointless unless you are calling internationally. If you dial internationally, a calling card could be a good idea. It will use your anytime minutes. If you have “unlimited nights and weekends”, it would not take away your minutes on Saturday and Sunday. There are no special or additional charges.


Can make calls from a phone that is not international- calling enabled.

People choose international calling cards when they want to call up their friends, relatives or business partners who live half way down the globe.

No agreements to sign and no bills to wait for.

Customers save 54% to 76% on international calling with prepaid phone cards.

Mobility and flexibility are other benefits.

They give a provision of tracking the call history online. Customer will know when,

and for how long they make an international call.


One can call globally with one pin to most countries. When you use up your phone card or the balance is low, you can add funds to your PIN any time online at


This option allows us to make a call without entering a PIN. When you sign up, you have to register your phone number. It can be cell phone, work phone or home phone. When you dial from the registered phone, after entering the access number the telecom switches automatically recognizes your number, and you need not enter a PIN. Some of our most popular cards that include this feature are Maxi Talk and Talk Direct

You can use a calling card at anytime. Many people have found that the competition and price-cutting in calling cards rates are so intense, that it pays to use them exclusively for any long distance phone calls. Some opt to pay a little more so not to be bothered with the long strings of access codes all the time. On the road however, there are times when a calling card is your best option.


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