Cheaper calls from your mobile!

29 Jul

Though calling cards have been gaining popularity all over the world providing a simple and cheap means for telephone calls abroad, the question is do genuinely provide savings on calls abroad?

Pre-paid calling cards enable customers to budget their money and manage their expenditure on international calls. Using calling cards can help customers save from 20 to 60% per call from their mobile. Another
advantage that prepaid calling cards have is that while credit phone cards charge differently depending on the time of the day and sometimes even day of the week, prepaid calling cards have a fixed rate per minute. A standard rate is maintained. One can buy cards depending on one’s usage and if buying online, one can compare all available options before choosing the card that suits one’s needs. As per feedback from our customers, the most popular card to call from a mobile phone is Talk Direct Card

However, calling cards, unless wisely chosen can turn out to be a lot more expensive than expected. Users must be wary of hidden “connection”, maintenance and other fees that are very often overlooked. There are cases when call rates are more than what has been advertised. Large billing increments that result in call duration being rounded off to the nearest five minutes and monthly service charges being deducted from one’s account are some of the complaints that users of calling cards have made. But all these are glitches that can be sorted out by a careful choice of calling cards from reliable sources and choosing according to one’s needs. Choosing the right calling card makes the difference between a large saving and a small one.


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