Is Viper Calling Card better than TALK HOME?

20 Apr

The new competitor to TALK HOME phone card is Viper Calling Card from Lycatel. For a number of years the TALK HOME card has been very popular in the UK Calling Card market. Now Viper is positioned as offering more minutes to destinations across Africa, Middle East and Asia. Viper has been especially good to call Ghana and offers premium quality connections and more minutes on single usage.

Which access number to use on Viper calling card will depend on your preference and cost savings you may actually be able to make your Viper phone card last longer and make slightly cheaper international calls by finding out the best access number which is usually the local access starting 01, 02 or 03

Viper Phone card come with various access numbers and a pin number. To make a call you dial the access number  then wait for the voice message to say please enter your pin number now, type in your pin number, this is normally 11 digits. Then a voice message will say please enter your destination number.  All you have to do is enter your International destination number also keep in mind before connection the Viper card will announce how many minutes you could possibly get (Please keep in mind like the TALK HOME phone card this will be unusually high, but if you time it with a clock you can clearly tell the difference that using Viper will give you atleast 20% more minutes)

To summarise, we can clearly tell you as per feedback that more and more customers are trying the new Viper phone card to see the difference. We are here to offer you both cards, you to choose the best.


Benefits of White Calling Card, UK

15 Dec

People are increasingly moving away from their family and friends in search of better opportunities making communication a difficult task. They not only cross the territories of their cities but even shift to other countries in search of work and educational facilities. The only way to contact the loved ones therefore remains either through email, posts or chat. But nothing is comparable to hearing the voice of your loved ones that is only possible with the help of a phone. Making international calls is very expensive and can add up to become a big amount at the end of the month. This unwanted yet important expenditure becomes a burden on the already limited resources.

International phone bill costs become difficult to handle, forcing people to stop contacting their near and dear ones or cutting their other important expenses. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on important international calls, options like white calling card UK cuts expenditure to a significant amount. Prepaid international calling calls such as white calling card UK allows a person to make certain amount of calls anywhere in the least possible amount. Fairly easy to use, White Calling Card UK is preferred by a majority of people in UK. Companies offering white calling card in the UK have a variety of calling packs for their customers. Users can select an ideal white calling card according to their requirement and get in touch with their relatives and buddies.

Unlike calling schemes offered by mobile network providers to make international calling, white calling card or white phone card is very inexpensive and can be used at any hour and on all weekdays. Companies cleverly entice customers into these packs that are restricted to weekends and only till specific hours that can hamper the business prospects.

To use white calling card from the UK, a user has to purchase the card online or through retail stores and start making calls as and when required. To make a call they can dial any access number for the destination location and then enter pin code provided with the white calling card. After this, the caller has to dial the contact number of the concerned person whom he wishes to contact followed by a #.

According to the value of the white calling card, user will get many calling minutes that s/she can utilize at any hour and at any day according to the need. Using white calling card can save you 50-70% of the cost spent on making international calls. Feature like call history tracking and recharging the card at the any time is also provided with your card. The most convenient feature is the option of Pin-Less dialling that stores the pin and the user is no longer required to carry the pin everywhere.

Today millions of users use trust the white card brand to make calls anywhere in the world. It is because of these prepaid calling cards, they are able to contact their family and friends located in any part of the world and in the cheapest cost. White calling card UK apart from making possible economical call rates also offers various other facilities such as constant update and new schemes.

Lyca or Lebara

28 Oct

Lyca Mobile and Lebara Mobile have been the two major cheap call Mobile virtual network operators in the UK. For over 4 years since they have launched both the virtual network operators have been competing with each other in terms of rates. But is rate all there is to it when deciding on which operator to go with? Something worth considering is also how each of them respond to customer enquiries, support, coverage and the availability of payment options to Top Up UK mobile phone.

To compare Lyca Mobile VS Lebara Mobile we have to take multiple things into consideration.

1. Rates – The single most important factor when making a choice for cheap calls abroad has always been the rates charged per minute to call the international destinations or same network calls. Though both networks are evenly matched on the rates, Lyca Mobile run promotions from time to time with extremely aggressive rates that make their network the choice for the callers who are looking for a bargain. Winner – Lyca

2. Customer Support – With customer support becoming a very important factor in deciding which network to go to, our experience with both the networks have left us with the impression that Lebara customer support is very friendly and understand and resolve problems much quicker than Lyca. Lebara also advertise and pride themselves with the fact that they have been winners of customer satisfaction awards in the past and they have a much higher customer retention rate. Lyca customer support has always also been helpful but we prefer the Lebara customer care as they are more interested in problem resolution quicker and keep customers engaged. Winner – Lebara

3. Value added services – Both Lebara and Lyca provide customers with value added services and features that set them apart or alike to one another. Offers such as free unlimited on network calls, in the case of Lyca they also give free calls to their sister network GT mobile. Top UP bonuses with extra credit, automatic Top UPs, Lyca mobile also do the Lyca world where customers can call other Lyca mobile users abroad for cheap or free. Weekend offers are also a main stay with both giving out half price rates to select destinations. Inclusive data packages for internet and money transfer – both networks are evenly placed when it comes to value added services. Winners Tie – Lyca and Lebara

We offer both LycaMobile Top up and Lebara Mobile Top up online for our UK customers. By enabling the Top UP on our website we benefit users of both networks from a single trustworthy point of purchase for their calling and Top UP needs.

How to use GT Mobile TOP UP Voucher

25 Sep

GT Mobile is the latest Mobile virtual network operator in the UK, the service is operated by Lycatel and offers unmatched prices to call your destination. Just ask customer support and request your free GT Mobile SIM. Just insert the SIM to any unlocked mobile phone and switch it on – thats it simple as that. You can now buy a GT Mobile TOP UP Voucher online and upon payment you receive your Voucher Code instantly to your account.

There are 2 ways to TOP UP your GT Mobile:

1. Dial *131*PIN# and press the call button (or)

2. Dial 321 or 92# and follow the voice instructions.

Now if you are abroad, do not worry: just dial +447973101321 and follow the voice instructions.

Once you have credited up your GT Mobile you can confirm the balance by dialing 321 from your handset.

We provide an easy to use TOP UP service available 24/7/365 backed with an always on customer support team to help you. We are the GT Mobile TOP UP Voucher Service provider you can trust. Save money with our unbeatable offers with a price match guarantee to give you the lowest price on your calling needs.

Is Talkhome the best calling card to call Africa?

19 Sep

Most of our customers ask us question – Is Talkhome the best card to use to call Africa. Well the answer we feel based on feedback from many users is that Talkhome is good if you are making long calls of single usage. If you do make a number of short duration calls there are definitely other options to call Africa using Calling Cards. Keep in mind that Talkhome also applies daily maintenance and connection charges that may hinder your usage across more than one day.

So naturally the question arises, why does Talkhome sell as much to be the best selling calling card in the UK? The answer is the brand name – what the card has managed to do is over the past 10 years built a strong recognition of its brand, so many customers still think that this is the best option to call. Well as per our recent tests we can conclude that Chatterbox calling card performs up to 30% better and gives more minutes to virtually all destinations.

So there you have it – our opinions are fair and balanced and its upto our customers to make the smart choice to call Africa. Happy calling…

Calling cards are still the best deal to call abroad

6 Aug

You can use a calling card to Talk Home at anytime. But it is pointless unless you are calling internationally. If you dial internationally, a calling card could be a good idea. It will use your anytime minutes. If you have “unlimited nights and weekends”, it would not take away your minutes on Saturday and Sunday. There are no special or additional charges.


Can make calls from a phone that is not international- calling enabled.

People choose international calling cards when they want to call up their friends, relatives or business partners who live half way down the globe.

No agreements to sign and no bills to wait for.

Customers save 54% to 76% on international calling with prepaid phone cards.

Mobility and flexibility are other benefits.

They give a provision of tracking the call history online. Customer will know when,

and for how long they make an international call.


One can call globally with one pin to most countries. When you use up your phone card or the balance is low, you can add funds to your PIN any time online at


This option allows us to make a call without entering a PIN. When you sign up, you have to register your phone number. It can be cell phone, work phone or home phone. When you dial from the registered phone, after entering the access number the telecom switches automatically recognizes your number, and you need not enter a PIN. Some of our most popular cards that include this feature are Maxi Talk and Talk Direct

You can use a calling card at anytime. Many people have found that the competition and price-cutting in calling cards rates are so intense, that it pays to use them exclusively for any long distance phone calls. Some opt to pay a little more so not to be bothered with the long strings of access codes all the time. On the road however, there are times when a calling card is your best option.

Cheaper calls from your mobile!

29 Jul

Though calling cards have been gaining popularity all over the world providing a simple and cheap means for telephone calls abroad, the question is do genuinely provide savings on calls abroad?

Pre-paid calling cards enable customers to budget their money and manage their expenditure on international calls. Using calling cards can help customers save from 20 to 60% per call from their mobile. Another
advantage that prepaid calling cards have is that while credit phone cards charge differently depending on the time of the day and sometimes even day of the week, prepaid calling cards have a fixed rate per minute. A standard rate is maintained. One can buy cards depending on one’s usage and if buying online, one can compare all available options before choosing the card that suits one’s needs. As per feedback from our customers, the most popular card to call from a mobile phone is Talk Direct Card

However, calling cards, unless wisely chosen can turn out to be a lot more expensive than expected. Users must be wary of hidden “connection”, maintenance and other fees that are very often overlooked. There are cases when call rates are more than what has been advertised. Large billing increments that result in call duration being rounded off to the nearest five minutes and monthly service charges being deducted from one’s account are some of the complaints that users of calling cards have made. But all these are glitches that can be sorted out by a careful choice of calling cards from reliable sources and choosing according to one’s needs. Choosing the right calling card makes the difference between a large saving and a small one.

How to get the most from an international calling card

29 Jul

Since calling cards are very handy in making cheap telephone calls especially for long distance calls, it has become very popular world over. They are very useful whole travelling and even while at home.

How to get the most from an international calling card:

  • Get the value you pay for: Sometimes one pays for what one does not get.
  • Make changes and find out the card that fits exactly with your need.
  • Try out different uk phone cards before settling on one card; there is no dearth of choice when it comes to international cards to call abroad. It is best one understands one’s calling needs before settling on one card.
  • Online Prepaid Calling Card, offer the latest UK Phone Cards with a quick and convenient checkout that delivers the PIN instantly
  • Never give up a good deal.  Keep your eyes open for any good deal that the site offers. Very often there are offers of the day or other special offers. Be on the lookout for calling cards that are cheap for both individual and corporate use. But make sure you don’t fall for a deal that looks good but doesn’t work for you.
  • Expiry date of the cards: Cards come with a expiry date and it would do good if one is aware of this before buying, because the cards will not work after the expiry date.
  • Do not trust every dealer:  While buying online, one must check the security of the site and the safety of the payment transaction. Beware of calling card scams. Always use a reputed online calling card seller.
  • PIN Number and card. Keep the card and the PIN number safe. Treat the cards as if they were money.

Welcome to your calling service…

8 Oct

Welcome to Online Prepaid Calling Card. Who are we? Well its more about who we want to be. We want to be the UK Online Calling Card Retailer you can depend on for all your long distance calling needs. We think the Calling Card market in the UK is a bit of a scam and we want to offer you cards that offer the best value for money and provide unmatched customer support all with the lowest prices online. So please support us, and try our services. We are here 24/7 and aim to meet and exceed your expectations. So start shopping today!!!